OVER $30,000 DONATED TO DATE! Savannah Yoga Center’s founder, Kelley Boyd is a native of Savannah and being deeply rooted in the community is the heart of Savannah Yoga Center. Twice a year (approximately every 6 mos.) we team up with a local non-profit to bring awareness and help raise funds for the non-profit.

Recent Past Community Partner

First City Pride Center is an inclusive advocacy, social, and service organization actively working to meet the needs for safety, empowerment, education, and wellbeing of Greater Savannah’s LGBTQIA+ community.

A few of the many ways we support our community partner:

  • Pay What You Can Classes
    Generosity Based classes are taught by teachers volunteering their time. Proceeds are then donated.
  • Special Event/Classes
    Throughout the year we offer special classes/events and ask for suggested donations to attend the classes/events and donate the proceeds.
  • YOGA FEST Raffle
    Twice a year, in both locations, we offer two days of free yoga and hold a raffle. The raffle prizes include donations from local businesses, spas, health food stores and private lessons from our teachers. The proceeds are then donated.
  • SYC Membership Awareness of the Organization
    through bringing awareness of the organization to our members and organizing tours of the facility when available.
  • Volunteering a few times a year SYC will organize opportunities for our members and staff to volunteer with our community partner.
  • SYC Membership Fees 
    members may choose a monthly amount of $5, $15 or $25 to add on and earmark as a donate to our community partner.

Past Community Partners Include:

First City Pride Center
$600 donated in 2019

over $900 donated

$900 donated

Pegasus Riding Academy
$1949.21 donated

Savannah Pride
$1975.81 donated

Loop It Up Savannah
$1200 donated

Coastal Heritage Society
$1120.87 donated

Savannah Tree Foundation
$2,001.25 donated

Forsyth Farmers Market
$2500 donated

Savannah Habitat for Humanity
$2644.59 donated

LowCountry Down Syndrome Society
$2047.07 donated

OneLove Animal Rescue
$4,400 donated

Park Place Outreach Emergency Teen Shelter
$3,000+ in clothing, food & funds donated

Senior Citizen’s Inc — Helping People Age Successfully
$2,000+ in pet food and funds donated

Liam’s Land for Lymphatic Malformation Research
$1,500 donated

If you have suggestions on a local 501C3 to be considered for our future community partner please contact us at [email protected] and tell us about your organization.

Here are some helpful and inspiring yoga resources.