Our Teaching Team

Bringing Yoga & Well-Being to Savannah Since 2003

Ian Whitt

Ian Whitt joins Savannah Yoga Center after he has been teaching at the historic New York Integral Yoga Institute (IYINY), after completing his training there in 2020. He later joined the IYINY ashram as a resident under the guidance of Swami Ashokananda, member of the Yoga Alliance Board of Directors. He received multiple certifications in Beginner and Intermediate Hatha Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation and his teachings also incorporate advanced training he has received in advanced studies in performing arts. 

In 2009 Ian was diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease and suffered from chronic pain and sciatica. Since then, he gathered agency through his studies, inspirations, and, of course, the teachings of Yoga that emboldened him to find and define the importance of Yoga and why Yoga supports resiliency. Cultivating values of adaptability, empathy, and a non-judgmental attitude towards himself has given him the skill to foster health and wellness in himself and his community. He no longer suffers from chronic pain.

Ian Whitt - Savannah Yoga Teacher

Jeremy Minton

Jeremy’s yogic inspiration stems from the “yuj” (union) of the universe; how everything is truly connected, and most things we need to heal and strengthen ourselves are already inside us or right around us. It was through deeper dives into yogic philosophy and techniques that he discovered a simpler approach to managing physical & mental health in a fast paced, modern, often profit driven world. Jeremy intertwines these philosophies and techniques in a relatable, approachable manner with a classic vinyasa-based asana practice that is accessible yet engaging. Jeremy has been teaching yoga for three years, and he earned his certification at Savannah Yoga Center, where he received guidance and mentorship from Veenu Sharma. Jeremy’s classes are challenging-but-doable, not heated, and may bring a new perspective to your practice.

Jeremy Minton-Yoga Teacher, Savannah Yoga
Shannon Inman
Shannon first fell in love with yoga as a teenager, when her stepmom brought her to a class that was in this tiny room packed with people in New Hampshire where she is from. The feeling of self-love and connection was remarkable and never left her heart. She practiced on and off until realizing that it was her dharma to teach yoga in 2021. She finished her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training online through SSV Yoga in April 2022. She hopes to bring positivity, love, sunshine, and deep connection to the mat and beyond. When Shannon isn’t teaching, she is working at her little homestead in Guyton with her family.
Shannon Inman-Savannah Yoga Center Teacher