“Instructors are remarkable, very inspiring, full of love and devotion. I wouldn’t have chosen a different studio, mentor/teachers to work with. I will never forget any of this experience!” -MR

“I am forever changed because of the program. I view myself, my loved ones and the world differently. I think before I react. I am more open-minded, accepting and kind. I feel that all of this shows through in my teaching.” -PC

“The program offered a rich variety of styles and philosophies balanced with practice and teaching. The unexpected bonus was the community of like-minded yoginis and yogis who will continue to enrich my life and practice.” ~ JB

“We had tons of fun along with putting the information to use. Perfect balance.” – MK

“This exceeded all my expectations for Yoga Teacher Training. I’ve learned so much about the history, philosophy, and application of yoga in my daily life. I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn with and from so many amazing instructors. The required texts each served to open my heart and mind further to the amazing diversity of yoga practices in the world. The papers, contact hours, and non-contact hours challenged me to think about who is living in my body and what this person wants to do with her life. This experience has helped to bring me out of my shell and open my heart to a glorious world. Whether I teach yoga or not, I know this has changed my life and opened my heart and soul. People around me want to know more about yoga because I’m here, excited about sharing and learning more about yoga. It is an amazing experience when someone asks me about this love of my heart. Yoga gave me focus and strength to survive a difficult life. Yoga Teacher Training at the Savannah Yoga Center has given me the confidence to step out and explore more of what life has to offer.” ~ JLB

“The teacher training at the Savannah Yoga Center has made all the difference to me as a teacher. I entered this program currently teaching with some weekend certifications. The 200 hour teacher certification has not only given me the opportunity to study under incredible teachers, required valuable reading, asked of me to teach in full specifics, but most of all through all the knowledge I have gained, I feel closer to my students. As I walk around a class now, I am so confident to assist my students with making adjustments so as to deepen their practice. Our relationships have changed, Although, I was always concerned about their well being, I now have the tools in which to work closer to them. The program was more than I had ever expected.” ~ EN