200 Hour – Weekend Format

Now accepting applications for October 2015

Oct 9, 2015 – May 15, 2016
Meets Friday evenings (5:30-9:00 pm), Saturdays (7:30-6:00pm), and Sundays (8:00-4:00 pm)
Cost: $2395. This includes the required $450 deposit. Pay deposit here.
*If you are a military spouse, you may qualify for the MyCAA program.  The MyCAA program is a career development and employment assistance program offered by the military for military personnel and their spouses. MyCAA provides a maximum educational benefit of $4,000.
Attendance of the first weekend and the last two weekends are mandatory and required in order to graduate.


Now accepting applications for October 2015

“I am forever changed because of the program. I view myself, my loved ones and the world differently. I think before I react. I am more open-minded, accepting and kind. I feel that all of this shows through in my teaching.” -PC

Payment Plan Option 2015:

You can break your tuition down to 5 payments of $389, that will be due the first five weekends we meet. The program will fill quickly, if you have a change of plans and cannot attend every single session or need to change into another teacher training program, there is a $50 transfer fee, please let us know ASAP.

Check out our FAQ to see answers to commonly asked questions about the training.

Weekend Format Yoga Teacher Training 2014 Dates: TBA

Meets Friday evenings (5:30-9:00 pm)
Saturdays (7:30-6:00pm)
Sundays (8:00-4:00 pm)

Attendance Requirements:

Attendance is essential to understanding the progressive manner of the material. It is your responsibility to obtain any missed material, through additional workshops with Savannah Yoga Center or private Yoga sessions scheduled with one of the teaching staff instructors of the program. This make up time is an extra financial responsibility of the student and is not included in your Teacher Training Tuition. Please do not miss a weekend it will cost you more money to make up the hours. •Attendance of the first weekend and the last two weekends are mandatory and required in order to graduate