300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training:

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Because you love your yoga as much as we do! Furthering your knowledge of yoga is a natural next step in diving deep into the history and diverse lineage of this life-changing practice. When you commit to furthering your knowledge of yoga with our 300 hour teacher training program, you are committing to furthering the safety and knowledge of the student community you serve.

Begin anytime you choose with the 300 hour Advanced Teacher Training Flexible Program

We call this program the 300 hour Advanced Teacher Training Flexible Program because you have the flexibility to begin our 300 hour certification program when you need to. You will have 3 years to fully complete the program.

Offered in a 11 module program over 3 years, modules are weekend workshops offered over a Friday night, Saturday and Sunday. Occasionally, we offer a 4–10 day module as well for those that want to fast track their certification. Modules are taught by world-renowned yoga teachers as well as Savannah Yoga Center’s experienced staff. There are required modules you will need to take and some that are left up to your choice or concentration by way of “elective.”

300 hour modules are often (but not always) open to the public. You may be joined by experienced teachers as well as aspiring yoga teachers or students who want to dive deeper into their yoga studies.

Modules can be taken by someone not in or going after a 300hr certification, though if later they decide to pursue the 300hr certification, they can retroactively include modules they’ve already taken.

To earn our 300hr certification, you need to complete all the required modules listed below within 3 years of registering online with the initial 300hr application. All of the courses below are generally offered 1–3 times a year, only at Savannah Yoga Center in our Savannah or Pooler location. All required modules must be completed only through Savannah Yoga Center.



Required Modules for 300hr Advanced Program

Please note one of each of the first 11 modules below are required.

(Take as many as you like from each module however, only one from each module will apply to your 300hr track)

  • 5 Day Teaching Intensive or 2 three day Weekend Retreats 
  • Advanced Yoga Anatomy
    Oct 8-9, 2016 David Keil Advanced Yoga Anatomy & Observation Workshop
  • Ayurveda and Yoga
  • Meditation and Yoga
  • Special Demographics. pick one (Women’s Yoga Needs, Men’s Yoga Needs,  Yoga for Cancer Survivors or Seniors, etc.)
    -Pregnancy Yoga Weekend Certification Workshop with Ann Carroll
    -Women’s Weekend Workshop: Yoga for Fertility through Menopause with Ann Carroll and Kelley Boyd
    -Yoga for Special Demographics: Seniors and Cancer Survivors with Katy Keyes
  • Advanced Asana & Assisting
  • Advanced Asana & Sequencing
    Feb 20-21 Faith Hunter Spiritually Fly Workshop
  • Yin Yoga or Restorative Yoga (pick only one)
  • Yoga Classics: (Sutras, Bhagavad Gita, Hatha Yoga Pradipika)
  • Personal & Professional Development: Finding your voice in the world and on the mat (pick one. May use others as one Elective)
    March 25-27, 2016: Creation & Expression: The Heart & Soul of Your Unique Offering
    April 8-10 SAV-Breaking Barriers: Exploring Personal Samskaras with Nikki Myers


One elective is required, and it should focus on the type of yoga that interests you most.

  • Children’s Yoga Training
  • Senior Yoga Training

Pre-requisites for SYC 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification

  1. 200hr Yoga Alliance Certification (from the Savannah Yoga Center or elsewhere). Adding your 200 hour program with the successful completion of our 300 hour program grants you the title of a ”500 hour certified yoga teacher” RYT 500.
  2. Have an established daily Yoga Practice (60-90 minutes, 5 to 6 days a week)
  3. Willingness, open heart and mind to complete all 300hr requirements within given deadlines (see below “requirements”)
  4. Application
  5. Payment (see below “Tuition”)

300hr Advanced Training Tuition Information

- $75 registration fee along with your online application starts the tracking process of your modules. This “registration” can be done at any time during the program. (Yes, even if you have taken a few modules already, we can go back and count them. There is a place on the application to list this). Once registration is complete, you will receive an email about the program.

-The prices of the individual modules range from approximately $195 for a two day training, to $695 for a five day training, most are in the $200-295 range (does not include required texts, food or lodging, unless it is a specific retreat).

-You pay individually for each course, registering on-line or by phone yourself. The cost of the entire program will depend on which modules you take.

*MILITARY SPOUSE? You may qualify for educational benefits of up to $4,000 with MyCAA, a career development and employment assistance program offered by the military for military personnel and their spouses. Learn more about MyCAA.


How do I Graduate?

Once accepted, requirements for 300hr YA Certificate (details and forms will be in your email acceptance letter):

  1. 100 documented teaching hours (you have 3 years to complete)
  2. 25 hours Karma Yoga (this is deep Seva or Karma Yoga to those otherwise not able to afford yoga: homeless shelters, at-risk youth, recovery centers, etc.)
  3. Required Reading (details given with each individual module registration)
  4. CPR certification
  5. $75 graduation fee

Savannah Yoga Center makes every effort to prepare for your graduation. We will send bi-annual emails to everyone close to completion, but it is in your best interest to also track your modules and let us know when you have completed all eleven. Once you have completed all the requirements for the 300 hour Advanced Training Certification, send an email to info@savannahyoga.com.

We will verify your record and send a completion email (requiring your final $75 payment) to finalize your 300hr Certification. Certification and YA paperwork will at last be emailed to you.

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