Lacey Slatten

I started a regular yoga practice after a friend and I attended Kelley Boyd’s Jekyll Island yoga retreat. I went with self-doubt and uncertainty, as a plus size person. Then, it clicked – yoga is for EVERY BODY. I started practicing more and found great joy in it. I took a leap and signed up for 200 hour yoga teacher training at SYC. After completing the program in May 2017- I was a better version of myself and my passion for yoga and community was strong. I’m currently, working on my advanced 300 hour yoga teacher training at SYC. I am a member of Yoga & Body Image Coalition and Yoga Alliance. As a body positive yoga teacher – I want yoga to feel accessible, comfortable, and uplifting. We are all different and I believe that is what is beautiful about how yoga brings us together. Seeking, growing, loving, ever-changing

Lacey Slatten instructs the following:
  • *Restorative
  • The use of props and bolsters in this class help to fully relax in physically supported positions while stretching and opening the body. The emphasis is on release of muscle tension and increase of flexibility rather than on development of strength and aerobic capacity. This class helps to reduce the effects of chronic physical, mental and emotional stress on the body by inducing a deep relaxation, allowing the parasympathetic nervous system to work properly. Positions can be varied according to the individual's flexibility and modifications are readily made for individual differences.

  • *$10 Gentle
  • This class is suitable for all levels, experienced to someone who has never taken a yoga class before. Through gentle, relaxing movements you will discover how to free yourself of habits that are interfering with your optimum self. Students report reduced stress, improved breathing, greater range of motion, and enhanced vitality. Many find relief from chronic pain or limitations resulting from injuries or illness. With repetition, as gentle yoga improves how you move, you will also see how it affects how you move through life.

The heart & spirit of yoga in Savannah since 2003. "There are no strangers here, only friends you have not yet met." -Yeats