Carolyn Prusa

Carolyn met yoga in college and is on the brink of celebrating their 20th anniversary. Cheers! She taught in Boston, Charlotte, and Greensboro before moving to Savannah. She found SYC as a student in Anne's prenatal class and started teaching at the studio in June of this year. In her classes, Carolyn emphasizes bringing mindfulness to alignment in poses and transitions. Her main goal is to help students slow down and giggle more, and she freaking adores beginners. When she is not yoga-ing, she is writing, reading, chasing -- literally, running -- after her boys, Miles and Theo, and thinking about tacos and/or Beyoncé.

Carolyn Prusa instructs the following:
  • *Align + Flow
  • This class blends alignment principles within fluid sequences of yoga postures, and there is a strong focus on moving with the breath. Within the fluid sequences of yoga poses, there are moments where poses are held to deepen the experience and explore optimal body alignment.

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