Jessica Sipe

Jessica Sipe instructs the following:
  • *Sun Salutations
  • This class starts with slow floor warm ups building up to Classic Sun Salutations that create heat in the body. After moving through the set series of standing postures of Sun Salutations you'll move back down to the floor for cool downs and a yummy deep relaxation. A great class to help you feel energized and motivated throughout the day.

  • Express Flow (50 min)
  • Want to get in, sweat and get to work? This new class on our schedule is sure to please. We got ya covered with Express Flow – 50 minutes of all levels moderate vinyasa flow.

    You can expect to get moving with sun salutations and other all-level poses. This class will keep you on your toes & flexible in body & mind. Get ready to sweat, burn calories and to be out the door in time to head off to work and saddle up desk jockey style!

    All levels/mixed levels class. For optimal results, some yoga experience is recommended.

  • Flow
  • A beautiful moving meditation synchronizing the body mind and breath into a seamless expression of yoga. Finishing off with a delicious deep relaxation. This class will help you to unwind, build confidence, flexibility and concentration in the basic yoga postures. Beginners to advanced can benefit from this class and are welcome to attend.

  • Dynamic Flow
  • Dynamic Flow Yoga is a strong practice that builds heat, endurance, flexibility, strength, and mental focus using poses that encourage alignment, flexibility, balance, strength, and cardiovascular endurance. All levels welcome.

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