Haley Wars

Haley found yoga on her search for an outlet to deal with stress. Little did she know she was also searching for a sense of connection to not only the world around her, but within herself! The lust for that pure feeling of oneness pushed her to get her 200hr teacher training at Savannah Yoga Center. She felt like she was breathing in new air and her yoga mat began to become a safe place for her to work out anything going on in her daily life. She strives to build that very same relaxing, safe place that drew her in that first day. Her classes are for any and everyone and she encourages everyone to come exactly as they are. She hopes her students can use this space to release whatever is no longer serving them, fully let go, and let it all melt away into the present moment. For her, yoga is all about the seamless connection of body, mind, breath, spirit and oneness with the universe. She wants to show her students that this gift is free and available to all of them! She is also a foodie, beach frolicker, music lover & Ellie the dogs mama <3 Come hang out in her happy bubble and let her hold space for you!

Haley Wars instructs the following:
  • *$10 Restorative Yoga
  • The use of props and bolsters in this class help to fully relax in physically supported positions while stretching and opening the body. The emphasis is on release of muscle tension and increase of flexibility rather than on development of strength and aerobic capacity. This class helps to reduce the effects of chronic physical, mental and emotional stress on the body by inducing a deep relaxation, allowing the parasympathetic nervous system to work properly. Positions can be varied according to the individual's flexibility and modifications are readily made for individual differences.

The heart & spirit of yoga in Savannah since 2003. "There are no strangers here, only friends you have not yet met." -Yeats