Alexandra Brigham

I came to yoga to increase my flexibility and to spend a few hours a week doing something kind for my body. It took a few years, but yoga grew into something that nourished me not only physically, but mentally and spiritually, as well. As a result, I carry that kindness into all areas of my life, both to myself and to others. After years of practicing and meditating on my own, I have learned to trust my intuition. My focus in all of my classes is to make yoga accessible for everyone. Whether you love to flow with sweet beats, gently stretch to relax, or build strength for your other passions I have a class for you! In all of my classes, I want to teach you how to listen with kindness to your body and to smile while doing it! In my spare time I like to climb mountains, eat cookies and dance like nobody’s watching.

Alexandra Brigham instructs the following:
  • Yin Yoga All Levels
    Yin yoga targets the connective tissues (joints, ligaments, bones) of the body, instead of the muscles that we focus on in other (yang) styles of yoga and exercise.
    Yoga poses targeting the hips, pelvis and lower spine while relaxing the muscles are held for 3-6 minutes to achieve greater range of motion in joints and feel a renewed sense of energy.
    Yin is also the perfect compliment to an active/vigorous lifestyle (i.e. running, crossfit, cycling, power yoga, etc)!
    There are always modifications offered in each posture to make sure you feel comfortable, yet challenged.

  • *Yinstorative Yoga
  • A blended practice with yin philosophy and resorative poses, designed to help you slow down, listen to your body and gently find your edge. Open to all levels, including those recovering from injuries.

    We'll be holding deeply relaxing and stretching poses for 3 to 8 minutes to open and activate the energy pathways of the body. This allows for the deep release of fascia and tight, tense ligaments. All poses will be done sitting or lying down.

  • *Deep and Slow Flow
  • The postures in this class are mindfully sequenced with the breath to build heat and strength with a slower pace, followed by longer holds and active stretches to encourage release tension in the body making the class ideal for athletes and still accessible to all levels, even the very beginner.

The heart & spirit of yoga in Savannah since 2003. "There are no strangers here, only friends you have not yet met." -Yeats