Betsy Powers

Betsy Powers has been teaching for the last eight years, following her graduation from the SYC teacher training program. She has studied many forms of yoga but draws inspiration primarily from Ashtangas systematic approach to practice. Teaching and studying the yogic path to well being led her to seek out a degree in Somatic Psychology which now also informs her teaching style, weaving mental health into classes as well as traditional asana.

Betsy Powers instructs the following:
  • *Deep + Slow Flow
  • The postures in this class are mindfully sequenced with the breath to build heat and strength with a slower pace, followed by longer holds and active stretches to encourage release tension in the body making the class ideal for athletes and still accessible to all levels, even the very beginner.

  • *Align + Flow
  • This class blends alignment principles within fluid sequences of yoga postures, and there is a strong focus on moving with the breath. Within the fluid sequences of yoga poses, there are moments where poses are held to deepen the experience and explore optimal body alignment.

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