HOT Ashtanga Inspired Flow

This class is taught by:

Joe Basler

Joe completed his 200 hour yoga teacher certification at the Savannah Yoga Center. An Ashtangi by practice, he brings the devotion and structure of the traditional Ashtanga Primary Series to each class; while alternately allowing a diverse appetite in human movement to further inform with whimsy and novelty. Finding yoga in 2012, skeptical but hopeful, for a way out of the seemingly endless procession of running and Globo-gym related injuries, he was quickly bitten by the ‘bug’ and found the promise of a dedicated and consistent yoga practice to run much deeper than mere injury rehab. While principally drawing inspiration for his classes from the Ashtanga Primary Series, and Jivamukti, he’s not above borrowing from the decidedly non-yogic spheres of martial arts, gymnastics, circus arts … you name it. Class atmosphere is generally playful, with a backdrop of tunes ranging from 70’s prog-rock to modern synth-pop.

With an abundance of gratitude, Joe would like to humbly thank his core teachers: Lisa Seago, Samantha Meier, Christine Bellmor and (of course!) Kelley Boyd, for giving this bumbling man-child a chance to see what’s behind the curtain. A father of two beautiful young ladies, he’d also like to thank his daughters for their continued, stern tutelage in 7th series.

This HOT class (85+ degrees) is inspired by the Ashtanga Primary Series of K. Pattabhi Jois. This series utilizes basic yogic postures in particular order to sequentially open up the body and focus on the breath to create internal heat and steady focus. Modifications will be offered so that this practice can be suited to all levels of yoga experience.

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