HOT Flow

This class is taught by:

Dawn Tanis

Dawn, a native Vermonter, is a 200-hr certified teacher and was first introduced to yoga in 1998. With influences from many different yogic traditions, she draws upon her varied experiences in athletics,world travel, creative expressionand sense of humor to develop her teaching style. She began teaching yoga in 2007, and her classes appeal to both beginners and seasoned veterans alike. Herstudents range from pre-school age kids to folks in their 80’s --reflective of her philosophy that anyone can benefit from practicing yoga. She is also a licensed massage therapistand is the owner of Sunrise Healing Arts of Thunderbolt, Ga.

Melissa Delynn

Melissa found her way to Savannah Yoga Center in 2011 during her post college confusion. Seeking purpose and understanding, the practice of Yoga helped her heal and unfold. She now teaches many classes a week as well as teaching workshops and retreats. Melissa has found her dharma (life purpose) through teaching and spreading the good word! Weaving esoteric and philosophical elements through her dynamic and restorative classes, Melissa gives your body, mind, and spirit a workout. Melissa is currently working on her 500hr advanced Yoga Teacher Training at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health.

Betsy Powers

Betsy Powers has been teaching for the last eight years, following her graduation from the SYC teacher training program. She has studied many forms of yoga but draws inspiration primarily from Ashtangas systematic approach to practice. Teaching and studying the yogic path to well being led her to seek out a degree in Somatic Psychology which now also informs her teaching style, weaving mental health into classes as well as traditional asana.

Jen Daniels

Yoga is so much more than a physical practice, it’s a way of living. A lifelong athlete, dancer, competitive marathon runner, cyclist, triathlete, personal trainer and teacher of every type of fitness class, Jen may have exuded self-confidence and health, but hiding on the inside was so much anxiety, depression and addiction. She was afraid to share this and it kept her sick. Yoga, especially the study of its philosophy, enabled her to open up to others and get honest.

Yoga is love, wholeness, where she gets to “move like herself,” a phrase coined by one of her favorite styles, Lotus Flow. There is no competition, no judgment on the mat. Jen believes that you can only teach what truly resonates in your body and spirit. In her classes you can expect a challenging, vigorous practice with creative sequencing, and an attention to intention that will leave you physically spent and emotionally lifted. Whatever your issues, you can feel safe to come in and feel alive and sweat it out — or cry it out — on your mat. “Do the next right thing, without attachment to the results…” and be transformed. Jen is a graduate of Savannah Yoga Center’s 200-hour yoga teacher training.

Hannah Lancaster

Hannah Lancaster’s love of yoga, life, community, and health is contagious, as is her playful excitement that she builds her classes upon. She has been practicing yoga since 2008 and has been a 200 hour certified teacher since May 2013. Hannah’s class will stress the importance of a strong foundation and getting to know yourself through humor, movement, energy, and breath. With a background in Public Health, she weaves knowledge on how to live a successful, healthy lifestyle throughout her class. Allowing her students to feel safe and adventurous within the spiritual space of their practice will help you conquer your fears on and off the mat.

Jade Clark

I took my first yoga class in college as an elective first thing in the morning, and I fell in love. I immediately decided I was going to master a headstand in the middle of the room, and, after some time went by, I did it! I graduated from college and found my teacher and a studio and began practicing Anusara, Ashtanga, and Vinyasa flow regularly. When we moved to Savannah, I decided to do a Teacher Training, the first studio I came to in Savannah was SYC and I immediately felt like I found something great. I enrolled in teacher training and almost a year later, here I am, learning, teaching, practicing, and enjoying life so much! Yoga has helped me in so many ways and I am excited to continue on this path of growth with each and every person the universe sends my way.

Tammie Folkers

Tammie Folkers LOVES yoga and passionately believes in yoga's healing and transformative power. She realizes that the art and science of yoga is timeless. Tammie's first experience on a yoga mat was in 1998. In 2006, yoga became her focus and she hasn't looked back since! in 2012, Tammie formally studied at Savannah Yoga Center and obtained her 200 Hour teacher certification. The following summer she won a scholarship through Savannah Power Yoga and was given the opportunity to continue her studies. Tammie completed her second 200 Hour teacher training certification in the Baptiste-inspired Power Yoga method.

Tammie has her sight set on spreading her love and passion for yoga with all of the world! She's eager to see where this journey takes her and knows that with dedication and a wide open heart great things await!"

Cara Griffin

Cara teaches a yoga that practices the art of liberation.

“As the mind, so the person, bondage or liberation exist only in our minds… if we can learn to train our minds, through the breath and the body, … then there is nothing in this world to bind us” - {adapted}- Sri. Swami Satchidananda

By focusing attention inward, inviting awareness to disharmony, Cara encourages students to discover freedom from mental and physical restrictions. This integrated approach awakens mindfulness while restoring a natural balance. Cara is incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to serve the Savannah Yoga Center's community by guiding students of all levels safely through joyful sequencing.

{ RYT 200 SYC 2013-14 }
{ Certified Pranic Healer }
{ Vipassana meditator }

With the heat cranked up to 85+ degrees, you will explore your body in a safe space allowing your muscles to slowly open as you deepen your practice. This is a beautiful moving meditation melding the body mind and breath into a seamless expression of yoga. Finishing it all off with a delicious deep relaxation! Bring your own mat and towel please!

Beginners to advanced can benefit from this class and are welcome to attend.

The heart & spirit of yoga in Savannah since 2003. "There are no strangers here, only friends you have not yet met." -Yeats